Next to your family, your home is the most important thing you invest time and money into.  Past generations of  hard working Americans have stood  by the credo “ If you take care of your house it’ll take care of you”.  And this is as true today as it was in the days of our fathers and grandfathers.  At The  “Mark” of Quality, Inc. I’d like to use  that same old fashion work ethic and caring to help you maintain and  beautify your home.

The “Mark” of Quality, Inc. is a full service, licensed and insured painting and home repair company serving Gainesville, Florida and surrounding communities since 1996. We can be the one stop shopping  place for most of your home painting and repair needs. If I can be of service to you or your family please contact me for a free written estimate.  I  am proud to have been able to start and maintain a business in my home town for so many years. I am grateful to the many wonderful people I’ve served – you are appreciated! I look forward to many more years. Thank you.